Motec - wrist joint prosthesis - the new product in MED&CARE offer!

The Motec wrist joint prosthesis has been designed with the objective to provide a pain free and mobile wrist while minimizing the risk of luxation, loosening and osteolysis.

The overall clinical results achieved with the Motec wrist joint prosthesis are very promising. As of December 2019, it is estimated that over 1800 arthroplasties have been implanted. The longest follow-up time is +15 years. Recent studies indicate a survival rate of approximately 80% at 10 years follow up for non-rheumatoid patients.

Fixation is achieved by threaded implants made of titanium alloy. The surface is blasted and coated with Bonit®, a resorbable calcium phosphate coating which promotes osseointegration between the titanium oxide and the bone.
The articulation is modular and can be configured depending on surgeon and patient preference, either with CoCrMo articulation on CoCrMo or CoCrMo articulation on carbon fiber reinforced PEEK.
Each component is available in different sizes to allow firm seating and replicate the patients normal range of motion as closely as possible.
The Motec Wrist Joint Prosthesis is a product with world wide patent protection.

The Motec wrist prosthesis system is indicated for skeletally mature individuals as a replacement of the wrist joint in cases with pain, malalignment or instability due to osteoarthritis, traumatic arthritis (SLAC, SNAC, sequelae distal radius fracture), rheumatoid arthritis and Kienböck’s disease. The prosthesis can be implanted after failed wrist surgery such as four corner fusion, proximal row carpectomy, or arthrodesis.

Features and benefits
- modular design,
- minimized risk of luxation,
- preserves soft tissue and the DRU joint,
- low risk for osteolysis,
- state-of-the-art articulation,
- optimized osseointegration and long term fixation,
- optimized short term fixation,
- straightforward operative procedure,
- allows Dart Thrower´s Motion,
- compatible wrist arthrodesis solution.

The Motec Wrist Joint Prosthesis offers an articulation option where the Metacarpal Head is made from CoCrMo and the Radius Cup is made from carbon fiber reinforced polyetheretherketone (PEEK OPTIMA™ Wear Performance Polymer). CFR-PEEK has been specifically developed for bearing
applications against hard counterfaces, such as CoCrMo.


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