VIBRA 3.0 - device for vibrotherapy in MED & CARE's offer

MED&CARE is introducing another innovative device dedicated to rehabilitation and neurology applications. It is VIBRA 3.o., which is based on vibrations.

The device uses vibrations of different intensity, which have a therapeutic effect on the human body:
- They improve blood and lymph circulation by increasing the patency and flexibility of veins and arteries.
- They act as an anticoagulant.
- They relieve tension in the muscles and fight painful spasms.
- They bring the patient into a state of deep relaxation thanks to the relaxation of many muscles.
- They work against the pain, thanks to the direct impact of vibrations on the nervous system.
- Faster recovery.
- The beneficial effect of VIBRA 3.0 is noticeable after just a few sessions, and the improvement can be seen already 24 hours after the treatment.
- The treatments are safe and show high therapeutic effectiveness.
- Supports well-being by prompting the patient to take up physical activity
after treatment.
- Higher benefit-cost ratio compared to other types of treatment.
- Thanks to the ZAL technology (noise reduction), the treatment is painless and relaxing.
- Complete safety for patients with delicate capillaries
thanks to the limited vacuum effect.
- The unique nature of the therapy: the treatment does not focus on symptoms, but aims to regain fitness.
- The therapeutic interaction is not peripheral; affects the central nervous system causing a real reset of the neuromuscular system.
- Opportunity to improve the results obtained during rehabilitation programs
thanks to the quick and easy implementation of the treatment into the scheme of other appropriate therapies.
- The system is not operator dependent.
- Reduced recovery time and a constant reduction in the number of treatment sessions required, improving the quality of the results obtained.
- Exceptional versatility: can be used in areas related to rehabilitation, neurology, pain management, geriatrics, sports medicine, physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine.
- Advanced technical and scientific support.


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email: office@medandcare.pl

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Bank PKO BP SA, I Oddział w Gdyni

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