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It was our goal to design Total Ankle components and instrumentation with the following criteria:
l Extended range of indications. To date, many designs limit the patient selection to those without major deformities, without ligamentous instability and with good range of motion.
Clinically this means that in most orthopaedic practices about 90% of patients with an end-stage of degenerative, rheumatoid or post-traumatic disease of the ankle would receive an arthrodesis.
l Increase the stability of the replaced joint in extension, without limiting the free anatomical movements or plantar and dorsiflexion. A more stable design does not seem to affect the clinical results.(12)
l Referencing the bone cuts and stabilizing the soft tissues not only from the tibia only but from the fully extended leg, extends the application of Total Ankle Replacement to patients with more pronounced bone deformations.
l Changing the method and reducing the level of the talar preparation to retain surgical options and increase clinical results of future revision surgery or arthrodesis.
l New patented guiding geometry of the sliding movements at that side of the joint where the least movement occurs, thereby limiting polyethylene wear.
l The design of the components is such that most of the movements do not take place between tibial component and bearing but between the polyethylene bearing and the talar component.
l Changing the preparation for the talar bone from cutting to a precise, reproducible and predictable milling technique. Milling of the talus is milimeter precise and carried out under direct vision thereby limiting the removal of bone to the minimum.
l The metal components are coated with titanium nitride resulting in extremely durable surfaces and reduced wear. The titanium nitride coating also has an allergy preventing effect, so that this implant may be used in metal sensitive patients.
To encourage bone ingrowth the bone interface of the prosthesis has a titanium plasma spray porous coating (approximately 250μ pore size), covered with the Bonit®1 Biphasic CalciumPhosphate coating.
l The special shape of the bearing increases the stability of the prosthesis, allowing for implantation under physiological ligamentous tension, thus increasing the range of motion.
l When designing any prosthesis, the remaining surgical option for future revision surgery should be considered. Minimal bone resection allows for a broader range of revision options and increases outcome results in cases where an arthrodesis is indicated.
l Combining the unique design and a simplified and standardised surgical technique surgeons have been able to successfully revise prostheses of other types with a AAA Triple A® prosthesis.


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