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STIMULAN is a truly absorbable calcium sulfate, specifically designed to complement your dead space and infection management strategies.

✓ approved for placement directly at the site of infection in bone and soft tissue

✓ may be mixed with antibiotics to protect the device from colonisation by bacteria*

Recrystallised for improved clinical performance

STIMULAN is a pharmaceutical-grade calcium sulphate with a unique crystal structure and properties. 1-2

✓ controlled purity

✓ easily mixed with liquid, powder and heat sensitive antibiotics*

Only STIMULAN undergoes a patented recrystallisation process that starts with pharmaceutical-grade reagents and results in its consistent and reliable performance. 1-7, 8

Case-by-case flexibility

Can be used in three sizes of bead, as a paste or for injection,

STIMULAN optimizes packing in bone and soft tissue.  Its hydrophilic properties and options of rapid or standard setting times make it quick and easy if mixed with one or more antibiotics - helping you to adapt to each case as is merited. *

 *The treating physician is responsible for deciding the type and quantity of antibiotic used.

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