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Chopin Pins for cartilage repair

Over 80% of all patients, being treated with Cartilage Repair pins are completely free of complaints already 1 year after treat-ment and they keep this status further-more!

The recreation of cartilage tissue is made possible by implantation of cartilage  Repair-Pins directly into the bone and   thus enables the return to a permanently free of pain status and finally - once again - the participation in an active life.
By  this extremely effective procedure the application of a artificial knee osteoprothesis can be delayed for many years - or better - completely avoided! In many cases it is feasable to maintain one’s knee-joint in the long run!

The application of cartilage repair pins usually is carried out by minimal invasive surgery (MIS) within the scope of Arthroskopy.Within a few weeks the aches and pains caused by arthosis get reduced significantly!
By the borhole ancestral cells are made accessible in the depth of the bone.These cells do have the capability of developing into new cartilage cells.
The cartilage repair-pins serve as a „scaffold“ and direct the cells towards the cartilage deficiency.As soon as the cells achieve the damaged area, new cartilage tissue starts to develop naturally in the body!
This tissue gets adhered closely with the surrounding cartilage tissue.On account of a continous enduring   „wicking or spring-effect“ due to these cartilage pins eventually abraded cartilage tissue gets renewed immediately at the surface and – thus – evokes a sustained elimination of cartilage damage!.
Thanks to the fresh cartilage layer the patient is set free from aches and pains of arthrosis.Consequently he gains significantly in movability – a dynamic active life is now possible.


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