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Marburg Bonebank System

The indications for the use of this solution are: prosthesis replacement, deformation correction, multi-fragmented and fragmented fractures, bone loss due to infection, pseudo-joint, interbody fusions, post-traumatic reconstructive surgery, endoprosthesis surgery, spine surgery and tumor surgery.

The system deactivates viruses: HIV 1, HIV 1/0, HIV 2, HTLV, CMV, CPV (model virus for HPV B 19 / Hepatitis B), BVDV (model virus for Hepatitis C), syphilis, Zika virus, bacterial infectious agents.
Marburg Bonebank reduces the fat content of the graft and preserves the biomechanical and biological properties of the graft.

The system has been approved by the Federal Institute of Vaccines and Biomedical Medicines named after Paul Ehrlich (PEI).

Main advantages:
- safe and profitable transplant,
- Easy extraction of the graft as "waste tissue" during the primary hip replacement,
- production, processing and storage of the graft in hospital (local) bone banks,
- a second donor test is not necessary,
- simple intraoperative application,
- no need for quarantine storage.

The system is spread all over the world. To date, approximately 200,000 femoral heads have been deactivated with this solution.

The system consists of a Lobator SD-2 control unit, a disinfection kit and a set of transport and storage containers.

Lobator SD-2
Microcontroller-controlled heating and cooling unit with documentation of each cycle.

Disinfection kit
The set consists of an outer packaging and a disinfection container. The partial outer packaging is made of polystyrene (PS), with a threaded mechanism and an Evoprene seal for sterile closure.
The disinfection container is made of high-quality Makrolon® and consists of two chambers, thus meeting the requirements for class A clean rooms.
The lower part of the container houses the femoral head and is filled with a disinfectant up to the mark.
The upper part, which also functions as a transfer container, serves to sterile close the lower chamber and to withdraw the disinfectant liquid at the end of the process.

Set of shipping and storage containers
The kit comes with a double hard packing for storing tissues without contamination.


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