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Shoulder implants

HemiCAP® technology was designed for patients who want to continue working,
have more active lifestyles and have a need for joint preserving treatments.
Many of these patients are looking for a treatment option that “bridges the gap” between microfracture/injections and total joint replacement.

Patients report outstanding pain relief, rapid recovery times and significant range of motion improvements in multi-center studies and the procedure may be performed on outpatient basis.

Arthrosurface® also offers a Stemless Total Shoulder HemiCAP® solution.
This product helps preserve most of the bone in your shoulder while also fixing any damage to your glenoid.
Unlike a Total Shoulder Replacement, our stemless total shoulder does not limit any future weight bearing activities such as lifting your children.

Your surgeon expects the device to last as long as similar metallic devices. However,
it will depend on your general health, activity level, and adherence to your doctor’s orders following surgery.
Currently over 40,000 patients have been treated with Arthrosurface® implants and some have been in place for as long as 10 years already.

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How are the HemiCAP® and UniCAP® different than other existing devices?

  1. It is custom matched and fit to a patient’s joint size and shape
  2. Significantly less cartilage and bone is removed than traditional joint replacements
  3. It is placed into the surface rather than on top, leaving the joint less surgically altered
  4. Joint motion and the native structures are preserved so no bridges are burned


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