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SmartPReP®2 BMAC - Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

The cells are not chemically manipulated or cultured risking cell viability or their ability to regenerate damaged tissue.

Human stem cells have the capability to self-replicate or differentiate into the cell types that make up all tissues and organs of the human body. Under normal conditions, the human body has sufficient stem cells to support natural tissue maintenance and healing, but often lacks the quantity of stem cells necessary to successfully regenerate severely damaged tissues.Harvest’s stem cell development strategy seeks to overcome this shortage of stem and regenerative cells by concentrating “hidden” populations of the patient‘s own stem cells in a point-of-care setting for treatments to promote tissue repair and regeneration.
There are numerous sources of human stem cells. Adult stem cells are the least controversial and may be collected from the bone marrow,blood or other tissues.

The BMAC System utilizes only bone marrow-derived stem cells obtained from the Ileum in a minimally invasive process.
The cells are not chemically manipulated or cultured risking cell viability or their ability to regenerate damaged tissue.

ARC’s are harvested from a specific patient and returned to the same patient in a point-of-care procedure. As patients receive their own cells, there is no concern of rejection or need for immunosuppressive drugs.
ARC’s integrate effectively and interact with the surrounding tissue to promote healing.
The Harvest System provides significantly higher cellular yields and the treatment effect is greater compared to Ficoll. ARC’s are not removed from their natural plasma environment which sustain functionality and may support paracrine mechanisms that regulate cell homing, transmigration, and differentiation.

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Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
: Bone Regeneration
“Cells separated with the Harvest System are more viable than those derived via chemical density gradient separation technique. The method is extremely well tolerated reducing complications associated with autologous graft harvesting, allowing faster and more consistent ossification.”
Sauerbier, Schmelzeisen: University of Freiburg, Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 2007

Cardiac Surgery
“Cardiac surgery combined with stem cell therapy may enhance angiogenesis in difficult to treat
patients with diffuse coronary artery disease that have no conventional revascularization options.”
Allen: World Cardiothoracic Society, Indonesia, March 2008

Orthopedic Surgery/Spinal Surgery
“Autologous adult stem cells employed to facilitate spinal fusion instead of using bone harvested
from a patient’s pelvis, may alleviate two potential problems: (1) graft site morbidity (including
bleeding, infection, and chronic pain at the donor site); and (2) failure to fuse.”
Johnson: Neurosurgical Assoc., San Antonio TX, USA 2007

Orthopedic Surgery: Non-Union
“Percutaneous bone marrow grafting is safe and effective for treating atrophic tibial
diaphyseal non-union efficacy appears to be related to the number of progenitors delivered.”
Hernigou: JBJS 87:1430-1437, 2005

Orthopedic Surgery: Avascular Necrosis Femor/Knee
“Implantation of autologous bone marrow cells appears to be a safe and effective treatment
for early stages of osteonecrosis of the femoral head.”
Ghangi: JBJS 87:106-112, 2005 & Hernigou: Clin Orth & Rel Res No. 405: 14-23, 2002

Orthopedic Surgery: Trauma
“The future lies in the regenerative medicine with the prospect of generating new tissues in
order to replace destroyed or impaired ones by using concentrated autologous stem cells.
Application of concentrated bone marrow is a safe and efficient method in treatment of
non-union fractures.”
Beldekos: 6th Orthopedic Dept., KAT Trauma Hospital of Athens, Greece 2007

Orthopedic Surgery: Cartilage Regeneration
“One step arthroscopic procedure with use of stem cells, demonstrated to regenerate hyaline cartilage,with advantages of reduced surgical time, lower cost, and lower morbidity.”
Giannini: ICRS Meeting Warsaw, Oct 2007

Sports Medicine: Infiltration Therapy
“Bioactive cells and proteins encourage in-growth of collagen and the remodeling of previously injured tissue at the pain initiating site”
Crane: Crane Clinic for Sports Medicine, 2007

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD): Critical Limb Ischemia
“Angiogenesis induced by autologous bone marrow transplantation is a feasible, secure and with
Harvest Tech separation, also a simple therapy. Preliminary results, autologous BMT in CLI can help avoid amputations.”
Amann: International Symposium on Peri-Operative Blood Management, Oct 2007


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