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VIBRA 3.0/GO are innovative SWISS MADE systems. Both models have CE0476 medical certification and are Patent Pending.
They are developed by AD SWISS MEDTECH SA for the non-invasivetreatment of muscular and neuromuscular pathologies. VIBRA 3.0/GO are capable of producing vibrations
of high therapeutic value to induce adaptive metabolic and neurophysiological responses in the muscular and osteoarticular structures of the body. The former is a compact appliance (50
kg) for use in outpatient clinics and research, while the latter is integrated in a portable trolley, ideally-suited and certified for home use. Both generate selective square wave mechanical-sound
vibrations simultaneously on multiple outputs.

Both models feature the innovative technology of single-chamber flow modulation with zero air leakage (Z.A.L - Zero Air Leak technology), capable of maintaining the pressure intensity at the set level, independently of the number of outputs or the operating frequency used, allowing personalised treatment in accordance with actual therapeutic needs.
Two independent microprocessor control systems monitor in real time the precision and stability of the emission frequency, this being an essential requirement for both therapy and scientific research.
Z.A.L. technology significantly reduces the level of noise emitted, thereby improving the working environment for the operator and drastically reducing the stress of the patient undergoing treatment.
The accessories applied to the patient are designed to make the applications as specific as possible, meeting the needs of both the operator and the patient.

- Faster functional recovery. (The beneficial effects of Vibra 3.0/GO are apparent after
just a few sessions and improvements can be observed even 24 hours after treatment.)
- Treatments are safe and have high therapeutic efficacy.
- Promotes a sense of well-being, predisposing the subject towards post-treatment physical
- Better cost-benefit ratio compared with other types of treatment.
- Treatment is painless and relaxing, thanks also to Z.A.L. technology (reduced noise).
- Complete safety for patients with fragile capillaries due to a reduced vacuum effect.

- The unique nature of the treatment: the focus of the intervention is no longer the symptom; instead function is the objective.
- The therapeutic interaction is not peripheral, it influences the Central Nervous System (CNS), generating an actual reset of the neural-motor system.
- The results of rehabilitation programmes can be enhanced, as the treatment can be quickly and simply integrated with other appropriate therapies.
- It is also NOT operator-dependent.
- Reduced recovery times with a consequent reduction also in the number of treatment sessions required, improving the quality of the results obtained.
- Outstanding versatility: can be used in the fields of Rehabilitation, Neurology, Pain Management, Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine.
- Ideal for home use (VIBRA GO).
- Advanced technical-scientific support.


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