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EchoLaser - Thermal Ablation Therapy

Percutaneous Laser Ablation (PLA) is a mini-invasive procedure that uses the
laser light for a few minutes to heat a solid tumour until irreversible in-situ damage
PLA can be performed under ultrasound guidance for real-time monitoring of
the correct positioning of the laser light applicators and the effective extension of
damage generated in the tumour.
The laser light is conveyed from the source to the tissue through extremely flexible, small-gauge (300 μm in diameter) flat-tipped quartz optical fibers, introduced percutaneously by thin needles (21 gauge).
EchoLaser is fully designed for applications of PLA for solid tumours in order to ensure the ultimate in treatment effectiveness. EchoLaser fulfils all the basic requirements of mini-invasive techniques.
Advantages of EchoLaser:
• Mini-invasiveness
• control of the shape of the coagulative necrosis
• adaptability of the shape and volume of the necrosis to the specific disease
• confinement in full respect of the viable parts and critical areas of the organs
• repeatability and predictability of the thermal lesion
• Safety: EMC compatibility and electrical safety
• Speed: rapid performance of the treatment
• Real-time monitoring of the treatment

Compared to other ablative techniques, ECHOLASER offers greater safety and effectiveness thanks to:
•the use of finer needles,
•a faster treatment speed,
•a lower dose of energy,
•a localized effect on the treated area with clearly defined borders.
Multi-fiber Approach
If required by the size or shape of the lesion to be treated, it is also possible to use a multi-fiber approach. The transmission of the laser energy by the fibers takes place simultaneously and thanks to a synergic coalescence action, large volumes of coagulative necrosis can be obtained with perfect control of the borders, even in larger lesions.
•Possibility of treating lesions with a very wide size range (•Possibility of adapting the treatment to the shape and position of the lesion;
•Possibility of treating lesions in high risk position (due to close vicinity to vital structures);
•Positioning of the needles with less trauma for the organ, also with the possibility of multiple repositioning actions.


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