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Vivostat PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) is an autologous, bioabsorbable, bioactive, biological glue that is now available for various uses in modern surgery.

Autologous – means that the glue comes from the patient’s own blood, and not from donors.
Bioabsorbable – means that the glue just dissolves gradually with time (just like a normal blood clot).
Bioactive – means that the PRF doesn’t act just purely as a mechanical glue: it also actively promotes tissue healing through release of growth factors from the high concentration of platelets that it contains.
Biological – means that the glue is not synthetic, but it is ‘natural’ (it comes from the patient themselves).

Articular cartilage grafting: the Vivostat PRF acts as a mechanical glue to hold Chondrotissue articular cartilage grafts in place. At the same time, it also seals over the surface of the graft to prevent loss of cells from the graft (from cells simply being ‘washed away’ by the joint fluid). It also promotes early healing of the cartilage graft through release of growth factors.
Meniscal allograft transplantation: here, the Vivostat PRF is used as a sealant around the periphery of the graft, to help promote rapid healing of the meniscal allograft to the patient’s capsule.
Meniscal repair: in some more difficult meniscal repairs, Vivostat PRF can be used to augment the repair, to increase the probability of success healing.
ACL reconstruction: here, I spray Vivostat PRF up/down the femoral/tibial bone tunnels in order to seal the tunnels (to prevent synovial fluid getting into the tunnels, which can inhibit healing) plus I also spray Vivostat PRF over the ACL graft itself, to try and encourage rapid revascularisation and healing of the ligament.
Knee replacement surgery: Vivostat PRF can also be used as a fibrin sealant for knee replacements, to reduce bleeding from exposed cut bone surfaces and cut tissue edges, which reduces post-operative swelling and pain, which then improves post-op recovery and rehabilitation.

Vivostat® benefits for both the surgeon and the patient

For the surgeon
> Application
- Versatile – spray in any direction
- Accurate and controlled application
- No blocking due to in-flight mixing
- Easy to obtain an even layer of fibrin
> Intermittent use
- Up to 8 hours after preparation
> Economical in use
- Up to four minutes of non-stop spraying
- Cover areas up to 200cm2

For the Patient
> No exogenous thrombin (Thrombin can have a negative effect on cell survival)
> No bovine or synthetic components
> No risk of viral cross infection
> No risk of anaphylactic reaction

The uniqueness of the Vivostat® system is a novel patented biotechnological process that enables reliable and reproducible preparation of autologous Fibrin Sealant or Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF®) without using cryoprecipitation and without the need for a separate thrombin component.

The fully automated Vivostat® system consists of three components:

> The Processor Unit
The Processor Unit is used to process the patient’s blood and prepare the Vivostat® Fibrin Sealant or Vivostat PRF® solution.

> The Applicator Unit
The Applicator Unit controls the delivery of the Vivostat® solution to the site of treatment.

> The Disposable Set
The single-use set contains all components needed for preparation and application of Vivostat® Fibrin Sealant or Vivostat PRF®. It is available with a range of application devices each optimised for different types of applications.


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