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Tutobone® is a bone transplant made from solvent-preserved, g-radiation-sterilized bovine trabecular bone.

Tutobone® is used in areas where trabecular bone is required rather than cortical bone. In particular, these
include the filling in of bone defects and the plastic reconstruction of resected or damaged bone regions,
especially in cases when an endoprosthesis is changed.

Before use, Tutobone® should be rehydrated in a sterile, endotoxin-free 0.9% saline solution for at least 30 minutes under sterile conditions. The rehydration time can shortened to a few minutes using a sufficiently largesterile syringe. Remove syringe plunger, fill with trabecular bone, replace plunger, and push forward as far as possible. Draw up rehydration solution until trabecular bone is completely covered with liquid; close syringe cone with hand or with plug and pull forcefully on syringe plunger. This will create a vacuum that evacuates the air out of the bone. The evacuation steps must be repeated until the transplant no longer floats or until air bubbles no longer escape when a vacuum is applied. The transplant should be prepared and placed in such a way that its structural integrity is not impaired. Furthermore, it should be fitted in a manner that avoids the risk of dislocation and facilitates the incorporation.The incorporation and remodelling of a bone transplant such as Tutobone® requires, in addition to a replacement-strength support, a press-fit contact having a surface that is as large as possible with integration into the biomechanical force flow. Loose placement, especially of shaped bodies, and stressshielding additional rigid fixation can delay or even prevent the wound healing process.


Art. No.





Ø 1 mm -2 mm / 2 cm3



Ø 0,25 mm - 1 mm / 1cm3



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